Cover Band JUPITER

Looking to hire professional cover band for your special event? Look no further! JUPITER Cover Band - an immersive Synth Wave / Retro Wave project that adds a unique twist to your favorite tracks. Our ensemble consists of 3 talented individuals: A vocalist, a guitarist, and a drummer. Elevate your event with JUPITER Cover Band and experience a truly unique musical journey that only we can provide. 

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About Cover Band

What sets us apart is our commitment to originality. We compose all of our backing tracks from scratch, ensuring a high-quality and distinctive sound. Additionally, we bring our COMPLETE OWN backline, including drums, a mixing console, microphones, vocal/guitar radio systems, and all necessary connections.

Moreover, our vocalist doubles as a professional emcee with 15 years of experience hosting major events on prominent stages. The guitarist and drummer boast over a decade of concert experience, having performed in large tours and stadium shows.

We are based in Dubai and offer our services in any city of the world 🌍
Contact us now to learn more about our possibilities and start planning the perfect show program for your event! 🎉

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