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Introducing our gorgeous programmable LED Peacock Fan Tail Screen - the ultimate showstopper! With an electronic fan display span of approximately 3x4 meters, this prop is truly incredible. Perfect for stage performances, choreography routines, photo zones, parade, meet and greets, this showpiece will leave your guests in wonder.

Take a look at our gallery and choose the costumes that best suit your event. Don't hesitate to contact us so we can help you create the perfect program for your event! ⬇️

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Ready solutions for event

At Illizium, we offer ready-made solutions to make any performance truly spectacular. Our technical expertise allows us to customize the peacock tail screen with company logo, message or symbol, creating a unique and eye-catching addition to event. But that's not all! We also have smaller LED fantails available that can further enhance the magic of your show. Here are some ready solutions we offer:

  • Dance Stage Performance: Enjoy the amazing dance stage performance with the Pixel Peacock Tail Screen. With the ability to incorporate personalized company or party logos, this show will leave a lasting impression on audience.
  • Freestyle Animation: Add a touch of creativity to guest meetings. Our talented artists can perform freestyle animation with programmed logos and captions of your choice, creating a dynamic and engaging experience for guests.
  • Parade Artists: Our parade artists with pixel peacock tails will bring a vibrant and captivating presence to any themed parade. They will march in style, captivating the audience with their stunning visuals and dynamic performances.

We are based in Dubai and offer our services in any city of the world 🌍
Contact us now to learn more about our possibilities and start planning the perfect show program for your event! 🎉

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